Janine Hannis

Janine Hannis credits reading as keeping her sane during the crazy times,  and currently runs the Greater Victoria Alliance for Literacy and is Board Chair for the Victoria Literacy Connection.

Favourite Book:

mpossible to choose! A huge fan of Canadian lit, so have read everything by Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro, Louise Penny, Emily St. John Mandel and Miriam Toews.

What does LITERACY mean to you?

Literacy means opportunity. Literacy means a better life. Literacy means happiness.

What books do you recommend?

“The Spectacular” by Zoe Whittall, and of course, the “Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood.

Favourite quote:

Again, so many good ones, but I did love this line from “Next Year for Sure” by Zoey Leigh Peterson:

“What Chris wants for Kathryn is to be happy. That’s was he’s always wanted, of course, but now that he’s seen what happiness looks like on Kathryn, the sadness of the last nine years terrifies him.”  Ouch.