Valerie Green

Valerie Green is an award-winning Canadian author living in Victoria, British Columbia.

Born and educated in England with a background in journalism, history, and English literature, Valerie moved to Canada in 1968, married, and raised a family while continuing an active career as apublished author of over 20 nonfiction books. In addition, Valerie freelances for numerous magazines and newspapers.

Valerie’s first historical fiction book, Providence, Book One of the The McBride Chronicles, was recently published and will be available very soon in local bookstores and through her website,

Favourite Book:

The one I am currently reading. Seriously, I have so many…
Sarum by Edward Rutherford is one of my all time favourites.

What does LITERACY mean to you?

The more books you read, the better writer you become. It is so important to start children young with a love for reading. In my opinion, it all starts with reading a book to a child sitting on your lap, and they will forever connect reading with love.

Also, you can travel the world from your living room – through a book.

What books do you recommend?

One of my favourite authors is Kristin Hannah, author of The Four Winds and The Great Alone.

Favourite quote:

“I feel devoutly thankful to have been born fond of writing.”
—Winston Churchill